Monday, 23 January 2012

Man as he is

It is such an astonishing thought that a man can change a bit after stumbling in the dirt; a man can change when he enters the labyrinth and found himself lost. He changed himself after thinking that he is not making any progress from his constant actions, from his constant decisions and from his constant way of thinking.  Should a man first get lost from himself so he may see that he needs to change? Yes, surely is, a man may never realize his faults until he finds it wrong. 

A lost person entails on being lost in one’s value of self, one’s spiritual strength and one’s social connection. Without these factors, that, from the beginning molded the man as human being, the superior among the creatures that the divine energy created, this man will never identify himself. Having such troubles of self-purpose he will keep on venturing allowing himself to different actions bad or good for the sake of suiting himself in this universe. People will find this man pathetic for they think that this man is not capable of doing worthy because he himself doesn’t know what he wants. He is for them a nuisance man, a gambler, a beggar, a bystander, or even a criminal. 

Are they not entitled for something fresh in their lives; something that would bring them to the top and wash themselves from the mud of the pit? The man decides for himself, whether to accept God’s knock on his door or remain in rubbish condition. Through acceptance, he confirms to himself a little change, the first step a man should do in order to be found by his Shepherd. He must maintain this attitude so that little by little he will follow God’s ways; he will slowly begin to realize his purpose and become worthy to his community. Slowly he will regain his self value, his spiritual strength and his social connection.

This journey of changing one’s self, rediscovering one’s inner divine intervention and dealing one’s criticizing community will never be easy. Holding on to the purpose will make one successful in every venture.